Sono Munou, Jitsu wa Sekai Saikyou no Mahoutsukai – Munou to Sagesumare, Kizokuka kara Oidasareta ga, Gift “Tenseisha” ga Kakusei shite Zense no Nouryoku ga Yomigaetta (その無能、実は世界最強の魔法使い 〜無能と蔑まれ、貴族家から追い出されたが、ギフト《転生者》が覚醒して前世の能力が蘇った〜) v1-5 (ONGOING)


Associated Names
Its Incompetence, in Fact, the Strongest Wizard in the World-Despised as Incompetent and Expelled From the Aristocratic Family, but the Gift “Reincarnated” Awakens and the Abilities of the Previous Life Are Revived
Sono Munou, Jitsuha Sekai Saikyou no Mahoutsukai
That Incompetent Is Actually the World’s Strongest Wizard – He Was Scorned as Incompetent and Kicked Out of His Aristocratic Family, but His Gift of Reincarnation Awakened and Brought Back the Abilities of His Previous Life
その無能、実は世界最強の魔法使い 〜無能と蔑まれ、貴族家から追い出されたが、ギフト《転生者》が覚醒して前世の能力が蘇った〜



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